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The relationship between mothers and their daughters is a delicate one, one that often goes undiscussed for that very reason. Tucked beneath hair bows and Mother’s Day brunches, we unearth an underlying dynamic that seeps into the seams of this should be sisterhood, poisoning it’s purpose for generations to come.

Malfunctional maternity, as writer Arah Iloabugichukwu coins it, is a phrase best used to describe the dysfunctional development of the mother-daughter bond. With this complex cultivation comes damaging dynamics such as enmeshment, co-dependency, selectivity, and combativeness, all of which undermine the development of the healthy self, and set us back on our journey towards well womanhood.

This book explores the matrilineal bond, discussing the forced evolution of women into well-makers, breaking down the denseness around maternal socialization and how it strips mothers of their right to be wrong. “Of Mothers & Daughters” lifts the veil from our vow to perfection, offering an intricate weaving through the waves of womanhood, from birth to birth.


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